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Core Enterprise and zCloud

Increase IT agility and optimize resources with hybrid cloud


The challenges of managing and maintaining your infrastructure

Optimize your infrastructure investment while planning for future business needs with services that address on-demand capacity planning, modernizing aging components, and private and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Kyndryl infrastructure modernization solutions help you increase speed and agility by managing a hybrid cloud infrastructure for you.



Run mission critical enterprise applications from a dedicated private cloud that can be scaled as needed.

Cost optimization

Choose the right platform for your workloads, optimize development and management costs, and get all the capabilities of modern mainframe to x86 platforms in a fully managed infrastructure.


Accelerate time to build your private cloud foundation with optimized blueprints, bill of materials, and the expertise to streamline its completion.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Run mission critical enterprise applications in dedicated private cloud infrastructure with a pay-per-use model. Modernize your on-premises infrastructure with fast and security-rich single-tenant private cloud infrastructure.

Explore managed private cloud IaaS
Managed extended cloud IaaS for IBM Z

Choose the right platform for your business’ workloads and optimize development and management costs by using mainframe modernization and zCloud.

Explore managed extended cloud IaaS for IBM Z
Multicloud deployment services

Reduce complexity by integrating multicloud environments with a single orchestrating platform. Build platforms for your business that provide virtualization and container orchestration with cloud native infrastructure support.

Explore multicloud deployment services

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Development for cloud SDN services

Develop your future network by identifying any gaps that are inhibiting your software defined networking (SDN) deployment, determine your overall automation needs, and develop your orchestration strategy and roadmap.

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