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Answers to common questions about Kyndryl

The spin will not alter customers’ key points of contact and support, and the quality of services and delivery you receive will be unchanged. In fact, we are committed to redoubling our efforts toward customer responsiveness and attentiveness and expect those enhancements to be carried forward by both IBM and Kyndryl.

Your current team will be the foundation of Kyndryl's support as we provide the high quality of services and delivery you receive today. Its members are the essence of Kyndryl because of their skills and experience in making complex systems work. Our customers trust us to support their businesses by delivering their most important workloads in the most challenging environments, and Kyndryl will continue to do that. It's what our customers expect and deserve.

We will be working in partnership with you in the coming weeks to transfer the contracts as easily as possible via a transparent and collaborative process that minimizes the amount of work on your part. Our teams will execute the bulk of the activities and will coordinate with you concerning review.

There will be no pricing change resulting from Kyndryl's creation as it will operate under the terms of existing contracts. Kyndryl will continue to offer its customers highly competitive pricing.

Yes. Kyndryl will continue to tap into the breadth and depth of IBM technology and research expertise, as well as business consulting capabilities from IBM's Global Business Services unit. Kyndryl's creation also brings a substantial patent portfolio with it. As an independent company, Kyndryl also will partner with industry IT leaders in addition to IBM to ensure that each customer achieves its peak digital performance.

Kyndryl will meet all certification requirements in existing GTS contracts. This includes certifications pertaining to compliance and regulatory items related to people, processes and facilities (e.g., ITAR, PCI, HIPAA, ISO, etc.).

Kyndryl designs, runs and manages the most modern, efficient and reliable technology infrastructure that the world depends on every day.

The company will be headquartered at One Vanderbilt in New York City, with teams closest to our customers in major markets.

We will be naming the Kyndryl management team over the next few months. We have a great opportunity to draw from the excellent talent and skills of the IBM GTS team, as well as the broader IBM talent pool. We also plan to hire great talent from outside IBM as we recruit the most outstanding leaders in our industry to support our customers, employees, partners and shareholders.

Throughout 2021, and until the spin, IBM will continue to invest in Kyndryl to ensure it maintains its leadership position in the market and can capitalize on the changes taking place to innovate in managed services.

While IBM and Kyndryl will be independent and distinct entities, at launch they will both be each other’s biggest client and one of each other’s key strategic partners. Kyndryl will continue to include IBM hardware and software among its offerings.

Kyndryl will have access to IBM expertise and resources just as any other strategic partner or large client and will be formalizing the relevant agreements and structures to continue to drive collaboration and coordination across teams.

We are making good progress to execute upon the necessary financial, legal, and regulatory milestones of the spin and remain on track to complete this work by the end of the year. Our goal is to establish Kyndryl as an investment-grade company set up for leadership and success in the market. We are developing audited financials for Kyndryl, which will have a balance sheet capitalized for long-term sustainability. We expect the Form 10 to be available for investors later this year.