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Kyndryl Supplementary Privacy Statement

Introducing Kyndryl

In October 2020 IBM announced its intention to separate the IT Infrastructure Services unit of its Global Technology Services division into a new, separate public company, creating two industry-leading companies – IBM and Kyndryl.

The Kyndryl Privacy Statement  applies to all Kyndryl entities, however, this supplement describes specifics regarding Kyndryl’s handling of your personal information.

During a transitional phase and until separation from IBM, Kyndryl entities are set up as subsidiaries of IBM and transfer of the relevant business activities to these Kyndryl entities will take place. Until separation is completed all Kyndryl entities will be subject to IBM’s policies.

The Kyndryl Privacy Statement and this supplement will no longer apply once Kyndryl has established its own privacy statement, or at the latest upon separation. They will be replaced with the Kyndryl Privacy Statement which will be materially similar to IBM’s.

Contacting Kyndryl

If you have any questions in relation to this supplementary Privacy Statement, contact us by using this form, indicating that your request relates to Kyndryl.

This supplementary Privacy Statement provides information about Kyndryl’s privacy practices. In addition, we may provide information on the collection or use of personal information in specific situations, such as when we ask you to provide your consent for marketing communications.

1.    Sharing of Personal Information

While Kyndryl is an IBM subsidiary personal information will be shared between IBM and Kyndryl as described in the Kyndryl Privacy Statement. As part of the separation of business, contracts in scope of Kyndryl services will be transferred to Kyndryl. This will include personal information such as business contact information. Kyndryl has a legitimate interest to process this information in order to fulfil its contractual obligations towards its clients (such as the organization you work for); this also applies when such information needs to be shared after separation.. Additionally, such information may be shared after separation where IBM and Kyndryl provide services together, or IBM provides its services to Kyndryl as a subcontractor.

2.    Marketing

In anticipation of the separation from IBM, existing clients or prospects may be contacted for Kyndryl marketing purposes. This information will only be used for marketing communications by Kyndryl. To opt out of Kyndryl marketing communication please go here

Kyndryl as the Controller: With the transition of business from IBM, Kyndryl entities will become the Controller of the related personal information. In this case Kyndryl Inc., One Vanderbilt Avenue, 15th Floor, New York, United States, will be the Controller of your personal information unless indicated otherwise. Kyndryl Inc. may not be the Controller of your personal information when:

a). it is processed in connection with a contractual relationship. In this case the Controller of personal information is the Kyndryl contracting company; or

b). personal information is collected on the physical site or location of a Kyndryl subsidiary. In this case that subsidiary is the controller of the personal information.

3.    Your Rights

If you wish to exercise any of your rights as listed in the Kyndryl Privacy Statement please contact us by using this form, indicating that the request is related to Kyndryl.

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