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SD-WAN Services

Delivering optimized managed SD-WAN services and cloud connectivity

SD-WAN and SASE tailored for enterprise systems with configurable, built-in security

The enterprise wide area network (WAN) challenge is growing in both cost and complexity. Large networks, bandwidth demands, growing numbers of locations and multi-cloud access are forcing enterprises to look at new WAN architectures. Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) brings an additional advantage as it uses network virtualization to utilize, manage, and secure network transport over the internet.

Kyndryl SD-WAN Services offers cloud-based WAN infrastructure for fully managed SD-WAN services and cloud connectivity to enterprises in a multi-cloud environment. We design and build next-gen networks harnessing SDN, SD-WAN, SASE, AI-Ops, and Network Automation capabilities.

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Improve global agility

Use a software-defined approach that comes as-a-service to combine network services from several providers based on the best price and performance 

Gain easy and secure cloud access

Establish access to hundreds of cloud services globally, including flexible bandwidth options, without disrupting the overall WAN design

Simplify management

Aggregate multi-cloud management across carriers, technologies, and locations, and gain global visibility into your network using a single corporate dashboard

Secure access service edge (SASE)

SASE services provide an end-to-end, fully integrated security architecture leveraging a cloud based infrastructure ecosystem built on Kyndryl managed services. It offers protected network and security services to allow conditional and least privileged access to applications, systems, and data.


- Secure web gateway: URL filtering, content filtering, sandboxing, data loss prevention

- Zero trust network access (ZTNA): Remote access components, device posture/profiling, anti-virus/malware

- Cloud access security broker: Granular cloud access control, data loss prevention, compliance control

- Firewall as a service: Cloud security filtering, uniformed centralized policy management, traffic optimization

Learn how Kyndryl SASE services provide enterprise customers a network architecture solution with unified and secure access that is optimized for the cloud and software-defined era.

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Intelligent SD-WAN

Intelligent SD-WAN is a fully managed offering that will transform your existing WAN into a modern, programmable SD-WAN infrastructure. The offering includes our unique Kyndryl Network and Edge AIOps platform, which provides a unified single-view interface to your network. You get visibility across all aspects of the SD-WAN infrastructure, including status monitoring, ticketing information, and the ability to track the rollout of the SD-WAN environment in real time.


Kyndryl Intelligent SD-WAN can help you:


 - Reduce costs, improve predictability: With a pay-as-you-go billing and as-a-service delivery model, you can cut costs and predict them more accurately. A software-defined infrastructure also helps to streamline and automate network maintenance, further optimizing costs as against manual upkeeps.

 - Intelligently route traffic: With SD-WAN you can route voice and video or highly sensitive business traffic across expensive dedicated circuits while using less expensive connectivity options for additional traffic. This can provide a drastic reduction in your multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) costs.

 - Simplify your WAN: Dramatically simplify the provisioning and management of the network through orchestration and automation.

WAN interconnect

WAN interconnect services helps you roll out new sites or add more WAN capacity quickly by leveraging a broadband internet bandwidth. It augments the MPLS network instead of trying to orchestrate IT, network, and software changes to purchase more MPLS capacity.


Key capabilities include:


- Central management and cloud-based controls

- End-to-end encryption

- Multi-path and multi-link support with dynamic path selection

- Path conditioning and WAN optimization

- Security and firewalling services

- Quality of service traffic prioritization with forwarding error correction

- Policy-based controls and service chaining

- Local breakout for cloud services

WAN aggregation and peering services

WAN aggregation and peering services provide automated aggregation, load sharing, and integration across multiple providers in a hybrid and multi cloud environment. Carrier neutral colocation interconnects multiple carrier networks, cloud providers, and internet connections across geographies. The platform links multiple providers' MPLS networks and internet virtual private networks (VPNs) to enable a seamless WAN infrastructure. This platform is foundational to enable multiple products and service models with simultaneous go-to-market options to meet customer requirements.


Key capabilities include:


- Geo diversity for maximum business continuity and resiliency 

- Direct and scalable links into multiple cloud providers via cloud exchange or dedicated links

- Secured hybrid access to MPLS and internet

- Transport platform for SD-WAN solution

- Multi-tenant virtual routing and forwarding (VRF)/VPN platform

- Fast cross connects to carriers given due to presence at “carrier hotels”

- Carrier independent

- BYOP (bring your own provider) facilitates the integration of client-preferred network carrier(s)

- Transition, transformation, and migration platform

A multinational media company prepares for the future of entertainment

The company worked with Kyndryl and Cisco to assess existing networking infrastructure and map out the optimal upgrade path.


Get a 30-minute, no-cost strategy session with a SD-WAN expert

Whether you are looking to develop a strategy, obtain managed services or further modernize and secure WAN infrastructure with SD-WAN, SASE or SSE, request an expert consultation at no cost.